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Dominatrix Jasmine Divine

San Francisco Bay Area

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My curves cannot be contained. Wild dark curls, hazel eyes, soft skin, a quick smile.  My soft body puts you instantly at ease, while the snap of My whip demands your attention.

I'm cuttingly smart, and you are My subject of study. I listen to your fantasies, watch your winces, feel your pulls, and bring your darkest wishes to life.

My seductress eyes turn you on and humiliate you all at once. My touch glides over your glistening skin, sparking electric anticipation. Twisted in My fascinations, you'll come to agonize: will I stroke your gentle ego or crush it with the heel of My boot? Either way, My full pink lips part in loin-rousing laughter, watching you squirm and beg for more.

You'll thirst for a glimpse of My sumptuous curves; those who prove themselves worthy are granted respite from their pitiful lives into the sacred garden of a Jasmine scented dream. Once you see how your suffering delights Me, you'll push yourself to ever deepening limits. I become your world; eager to please, you'll forget all else before Me and all to come after.

Come to Me ready to play, ready to obey. I most enjoy those who understand their position, accept My superiority, and are eager to please/serve. That's not to say there's no place for brats in My dungeon: those with a high pain tolerance make for sufficient entertainment.

My time with you is not a role that I play, it's a part of Myself that comes alive; even more alluring than My beauty, is My authenticity.



I am currently accepting new and used subs.

My favorite play things come to me on a regular basis.

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