As curious as I am demanding, I love to hone My craft. Lay your body at My feet for impact practice, bring your favorite perversions and co-create scenes to expand My repertoire.



Some of My favorite activities include and certainly aren’t limited to:

Impact Play: paddling, OTK spanking, flogging, whipping

Tease and Denial

Kink/Sexuality Counseling

Role Play: punishment/discipline; therapy/mind fucking

Financial Domination

Body Worship, esp. massage

Joint scenes with other Mistresses

Philosophical Humiliation

Ignore & Neglect Fetish


Consensual Non-consent

Public Play & Public Humiliation

Moral / Political Reeducation

Verbal Degradation & Humiliation

Toy Shows

Golden Showers

Crimson Showers

Breath Play


Puppy Play




Strap-On Play, esp. Oral

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Send Me your fantasy; we'll bring it to life.
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No sex or sexual services are offered or implied. Sessions do not include any illegal activities and consist only of safe and consensual activities. Legal Notice: With reference to California Penal Code section 647(b) and CALCRIM Nos. 1153 to 1155, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration